Blue Sky Dreaming

Our vision

Blue Sky Dreaming condenses the aspirations and achievements of a nation and harnesses the Australian spirit of optimism and ideas. It celebrates Australia’s embracing openness where diversity, harmony, creativity, problem-solving and collaboration thrive. 


It envisions a future of boundless and infinite opportunities and a worldview founded on 60,000 years of indigenous connection to land, sea and sky. It is the Australian Pavilion journey, linking visitors to our country, and inviting them to share in Australian stories of innovation that are connecting and mobilising communities locally and globally. 

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We are connected by a common spirit

Evolved under the sun over endless lifetimes, Australians are innovators by necessity, with wide horizons to breed ambition. Collaborators and collective over-achievers, generous and diverse, we welcome our individuality and our differences. Through Expo 2020 Dubai, we will celebrate all that we are. We are Australia - the connected optimists.