Food Source International

Food Source International is a UAE based food import, export, marketing and distribution company dedicated to sourcing premium quality food products, for supply to the hospitality industry, consistently and reliably. 

About Food Source International 

Food Source International is an Australian owned and UAE based food import, export, marketing and distribution business. Established in 2005, Food Source International is recognised as a reliable distributor of premium quality, perishable food products across the UAE region. The organisation’s philosophy is to supply only the best products to customers while maintaining the highest standards in regard to product, service and experience.    

Food Source International at Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai presented a great opportunity for Food Source International to showcase the best of Australian food and produce at the Australian Pavilion. The participation drew on existing relationships with the UAE and presented the chance to forge new ones by bringing Australian food businesses, who are leaders of their field, to the UAE.  

Their involvement at Expo 2020 Dubai has ensured Australia Pavilion visitors have had access to premium Australian food produce, which has showcased the diversity, quality and taste of the nation’s leading food and agribusiness sector on the world’s stage. 

“Food Source International is proud to have worked with the Australian Pavilion during Expo 2020. It is a credit to the organising committee, its partners and the food and beverage team that they have been able to ensure such amazing produce from Australia has been on show for the duration of Expo 2020.  

“In this regard, we have enjoyed a very successful collaboration with the Australian Pavilion in showcasing the best of Australian produce to the world. Highlighted products include live lobsters, premium Australian beef, prime lamb, dairy, native ingredients and bush foods, among many other unique Australian products on show.”