Australians in the UAE

The UAE is home to the ninth largest overseas Australian community in the world, with more than 25,000 Australian expatriates living and work in the UAE. Sharing their passion for sport and food, key features of Australian life, is a common way in which Aussies living abroad connect with other cultures.

United by sports

The UAE has a thriving sports community enjoyed by expat Australians, including Australian Rules Football (AFL), cricket and soccer.

In Dubai for the recent Asia Cup, Australia’s Socceroo’s helped kick-off Expo 2020 Dubai’s celebration of the Year of Tolerance in 2019 with a friendly crossbar challenge in support of unity, tolerance and cooperation through sport. 

Australia takes an inclusive approach to participation in sport, which was on show at the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2019 in Abu Dhabi earlier this year. Australia won over 100 medal throughout the games, a true testament to the optimism and indomitable spirit for which Australian sports women and men are known for.

For the love of food

Australia’s food culture is another great export to the UAE. In recent years there has been a surge of Australian-owned restaurants and cafes offering an authentic experience of Australian-fusion dishes.

Australians have also brought their love of quality coffee to the UAE, with cafes like ‘Common Grounds’, ‘RAW Coffee’ and ‘Pure South’ leading the emergence of Australian-owned cafes providing a taste of Australia in a cup.

By 2020, it is projected that the UAE will spend US$16.7 billion on food products. Australian hospitality and high-quality produce have seen an increasing demand for Australian food brands and outlets across the UAE, creating opportunities for Australian businesses.


With the UAE’s rapidly growing population and emerging affluence, more and more businesses from around the world are opening in the country, making the UAE a growing global hub for trade. More than 360 Australian businesses are already established in the market.

At Expo 2020 Dubai, the Australian Pavilion will welcome visitors to experience Australia’s world-class hospitality firsthand, while offering Australian businesses the opportunity to strengthen existing and forge new relationships within the UAE and GCC and globally.