‘Take Australia with You’ at the Australian Pavilion Gift Store

Loved the Visitor Experience at the Australian Pavilion? Well, it doesn’t have to end there. Take the Australian experience home with you with a visit to our Gift Store.

You’ll find an exceptionally stocked store right next to Melbourne Lane, where you are sure to find unique Australian products that have captured the hearts and minds of visitors from all over the world.

Make the most of this Dubai heat with COEGA Sunwear consisting of high-quality swimwear that can withstand chlorine, salt, and sun with its certified fabric as UV 50+. Support Aboriginal women in isolated communities to earn an independent income and preserve their 60,000 year old cultural heritage, with a variety of ethically acquired unique products including Silk Scarfs, Modal Scarfs, Merino Wool, Wool Scarfs, Silk Tops and Silk Ties from Mainie or some amazing apparel from Belgravia. To add to your unique look,pick up a leather hat from Jacaru, which is made with natural materials. Preserving aboriginal artists traditional culture is our key focus with all royalties going to the artist, whichmakes purchasing these amazing products extra special.

Feeling a little low on luck lately? Stop by Roo Balls to pick up a kangaroo pouch! Kangaroo scrotum pouches have long been a symbol of good luck, fortune, and fertility by the Aboriginal people of Australia, and is great to hold coins too.

With borders opening again guests can take advantage of a new passport holder from Falcon Papers providing top-of-the-line, premium-quality finished eco-friendly products globally and while you are there check out our collection of pins, badges, keyrings, novelty keyrings and many more accessories at Trofe.

Built up an appetite from all the Expo exploring? Purchase some award-winning honey from Fewsters Farm or Nature’s Gold. Australian Manuka Honey is harvested from the East Coast of Australia, the bees collect the nectar from the Australian Manuka bush which is unique to our country. Try some of Australia’s freshest and most sustainable tea with Nerada Tea or stop by PANA Organic or Kakadu Plum Co. to take home the richest, most luxurious chocolates, herbs or olive oils for your friends and family to enjoy.

Whether you need new tea towels, bowels, candles, or cushion covers to add some traditional Australian décor to your home, inspired by stunning locations, landscapes and elements, stop by Wild Luxury CollectionDelvene Cockatoo-Collins and Husque!

As much as we love the summer feels all year round, we understand how annoying those insect bites can be, pick up a bottle of Settlers Original Insect Repellent to get ahead of the game and while you are at it make sure you don’t leave the Expo without picking up the iconic Lucas PawPaw ointment, famous for its world-wide proven remedy of over 100 years, its perfect for healing, burns, cuts, bites, stings and rashes!

You can also find a range of unique gifts and souvenirs, to gift to loved ones, including travel coffee mugs from Keep Cup, beach towels, number plates and of course the well-knownBoomerang from Souvenirs Australia. Be sure to grab someplush Koala and Kangaroo toys from Windmill Toys or an adorable puppet from Creative Play Puppets. If you love science and games as much as we do then make sure you pick up the science kits from Science and Nature, committed to supplying sustainable and ethically sourced products to enhance the learning of future generations.

Have a passion for fashion? Crocodile leather is one of the most prestigious leathers used in the creation of fashion goods. The Croctique brand specialises in bespoke leather goods made from genuine Australian Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus).

Just like all our souvenirs, they are genuine reminders of the unique traits of Australia and the humour and frivolity that make Aussies so endearing over the world.

Head down to our Gift Store or shop online here to explore many more unique and traditional Aussie products.