Ramus - The cloud


RAMUS are media architecture specialists, designing and producing large scale permanent and temporary light and media installations in the built environment. 

Converging multiple disciplines, RAMUS combine architecture, industrial design, sculpture, software development, architectural, theatrical, entertainment and event lighting, video design, cinematography, performance, and music/sound design. 

Ramus exports its services including lighting and media design and content production, along with its proprietary media CORE control system.  Key markets consist of commercial and residential developers, government, retail and hospitality. 

As the world’s newest discipline in urban design, media architecture, light and media installations provide  an opportunity to integrate into the built environment, in a way that does not impose on buildings or people. 

RAMUS studio consistently explores and develops new methodologies, software, fixtures, and visual platforms to support the evolution of the discipline and hence the works we produce. 


RAMUS at Dubai Expo 2020

RAMUS’ contribution to Expo 2020 Dubai is activating the sculptural piece (‘the cloud’) above the Australian Pavilion. A bespoke series of digital content will play, using abstract video, animations and data visualisations to produce a wide range of moving and interactive scenes. 

“We were approached by Pavilion Director Peter Sams to assist in activating ‘the cloud’ with moving content. We saw this as a wonderful opportunity to support Australian industry exposure to the world and in turn build relationships in Dubai and the region,” Tina Kopa, RAMUS Managing Director stated.

“Collaborating with the Australian Pavilion team and local staff and suppliers has been a privilege for our company to support Australia as an innovative, creative and forward-thinking nation.’