We are Innovators – We are Collaborators – We are Australia

As the official opening of Expo 2020 Dubai grew closer and closer, the world was in anticipation waiting for Expo to open its doors. 

The road to this moment has been challenging, but Australians are optimistic and innovative in the face of adversity. There has never been a more important time to strengthen our global connections.

At the Australian Pavilion, we will showcase Australia’s ability to think creatively, share knowledge and innovations, and contribute ideas and solutions to global problems. 

Our Blue Sky Dreaming envisages a future of boundless and infinite opportunities. With more than 60,000 years of Indigenous connection to land, sea and sky, our connection to culture and to nature runs deep in all that is Australia.

We are a collaborative, forward-thinking nation, known for our ability to adapt and respond, drawn together by our collective desire to improve the world around us. 

Australia continues to demonstrate our strengths in many industries, from education to food and agriculture, sustainable technology, medical science, the arts and construction, to robotics, space and beyond.

Our love of sport and world-leading thinking in sports science help us build social bonds, advance innovation and create a sense of spirit. As one of the world’s most multicultural societies, our diversity helps open our minds to endless possibilities. We have a powerful understanding of how people, innovation and culture work together to build economies and enrich lives. 

Now, through Expo2020 Dubai, we will celebrate Australia with the world. 

We are innovators. We are collaborators. We are Australia.