Five reasons to study in Australia

A student experience in Australia is like no other.

Australia is world-renowned for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural scene and stable economy but did you know it is also one of the best locations in the world to get an education?

Australia recently became the second most popular destination in the world for international students.[1] With globally recognised education and research institutions, a vibrant social and cultural environment and excellent career prospects, here are just five reasons why studying in Australia could be the smartest move you ever make.

1. Many of the world’s best universities are Australian

Australia has more universities in the QS World Rankings than anywhere else in the world outside of the UK and the US.[2] With 29 of Australia’s universities ranked in the Times Higher Education list [3], international students can be confident that an Australian education is amongst the best in the world.

2. Australian education providers champion innovation, technology and ingenuity

Australia’s heritage in innovation and invention is impressive. Breakthroughs that have come out of Australian Universities and research centres have had a profound impact upon the world. They include the black-box flight recorder, inflatable escape slide and raft, Wi-Fi technology, Google Maps platform, plastic spectacle lenses, electric drill, medical application of penicillin, the cochlear bionic ear implant, spray-on skin, electronic pacemaker, ultrasound scanner and a cervical cancer vaccine – to name just a few!

Every one of the 43 universities in Australia is classed as “world-leading” or “world-class” in at least one research area, according to Excellence in Research Australia. Areas of research and innovation include marine biology and coral ecology; water and environmental sciences; climate change adaptation; renewable energy; geosciences; health and chronic diseases; drug discovery; biomedical and clinical sciences; molecular science and technology; tropical and dessert knowledge; agriculture and biotechnology; earth sciences; social justice; criminology; culture, policy and society; astronomy and astrophysics; new materials and processes; mathematics, computing and engineering; quantum computing and communication technology; and robotics.

International students in Australia have the opportunity to take advantage of extensive global networks and partnerships across a diverse range of research fields. If you want to be part of the next generation of great leaders, thinkers and innovators, study in Australia!

3. Australia celebrates and welcomes diversity

Australia is one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries. A third of the Australian population were born overseas. With more than a fifth of Australians speaking a language other than English at home, more than 300 languages in total are spoken in Australian homes.[4]

In 2018, there were more than 876,000 international student enrolments in Australia.[5] An Australian education will introduce you to people from all over the world, offering a truly global perspective that will expand your horizons.

4. Life outside of lectures in Australia is like nowhere else in the world

All work and no play is not the Aussie way! When you’re not in lectures or studying, international students are spoilt for choice.

Australia has the most cities in the world listed in the top 25 of the QS Best Student City polls.[6] Big, bold and beautiful, Australia offers something for everyone. With stunning natural landscapes, a range of outdoor pursuits, fusion cuisine and an inspired cultural scene, students in Australia will find their time filled with activity, discovery and wonder.

5. An Australian education sets you up for life

An Australian education will help you to kickstart your career with confidence. Alongside academic excellence, Australia prides itself on its universal focus to help students develop both professionally and personally. An impressive 86 per cent of Australian graduates find employment within four months, 72 per cent of these in professional or managerial roles.[7]

For international students who want to improve their skills and expand their professional experience in Australia, there is also the opportunity to access generous post-study work visas of up to four years following graduation depending on the course of study.[8]

Learn more about opportunities to study as an international student in Australia here.[9] At Expo 2020 Dubai, a number of world-class Australian educational and research institutions will participate in events at the Australian Pavilion.




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