Expo Spotlight with Joe Ciliberto

The EventsAIR mission is to develop great software that inspires event planners to create amazing attendee experiences. How did COVID impact your business?

COVID has had a major impact to the events industry, whichin turn had a flow on effect to us. In March 2020, we saw events being postponed and cancelled, and quickly looked at ways to leverage our over 30 years of event technology experience to assist event planners in navigating through the challenges ahead. Utilizing our EventsAIR platform, we developed an online environment to surface a range of cloud-based event tools. In May 2020 with a development period of just 90 days, the OnAIR virtual and hybrid event solution was launched. Since then OnAIR has hosted thousands of events with close to 1.5million attendees across the globe. 

EventsAIR continues to innovate with new and exciting ways to seamlessly connect audiences of all shapes and sizes across in-person, virtual and hybrid event types. As an added value to our customers, we have introduced a series of turnkey services that offers total peace of mind. This relieves the event planner from worrying about the technical aspects of running an event and lets them focus on their clients. 

How many staff do you employ, where are your offices located and how long have you been in business?

EventsAIR has been in business since 1987 and has offices in the UK, USA and Australia with over 100 employees worldwide 

You’ve supplied technology to some of the largest events in the world, can you tell us more, any favourites or highlights?

The EventsAIR event management platform has been used in numerous world events, including G20, The Olympics, Rugby World Cup, Commonwealth Games, APEC, CHOGM and many more. Some of my favourites have been where the community has been involved to assist in running these world events and delivering a great outcome. APEC in Papua New Guinea (PNG) was one such event where the local community came together to run the event side-by-side with our support teams. Managing security and access in a country like PNG while challenging was very rewarding when it all came together. 

As Global Sales and Marketing Director, what does your typical day looks like?

Managing different time zones means my day usually starts at 7am and ends past 7pm, working with prospective clients, media relations and my regional teams. I am fortunate to have a great team around me that makes my life easier in spreading the good news of EventsAIR globally.

Tell us about EventAIR involvement with Expo Dubai 2020 and what are you hoping to achieve through this?

EventsAIR has been chosen as the event technology partner for Dubai Expo 2020 – Australian Pavilion. Working with the Australian Pavilion team, we are providing registration, communications, onsite tools such as check-in. To give access to virtual audiences who are unable to attend in person due to restrictions, we will be building an online 3D virtual event environment in OnAIR. This will replicate the look and feelof the Australian Pavilion, allowing guests from around the world to participate in a hybrid-style event experience. As always, our goal is to ensure that Expo Dubai 2020 is a huge success for the Australian Pavilion, one that guests will remember. 

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t working?

I enjoy the outdoors and getting amongst nature. I am very much looking forward to travelling again to meet my global teams, and to exploring new places and cultures.