RAMUS set the largest of buildings a-light


Australia is proud to showcase one of it’s foremost specialist lighting design firms – RAMUS – that is leading the way in the latest global construction trend: media architecture. In a similar way to how artists paint, in media architecture the canvas is skyscraper facades, city precincts, interior commercial spaces, public art, or even the natural environment. Using carefully curated visual content, the canvas tells the stories intrinsic to the site and local communities. 

Media architecture is the use of light as a communication method – so we ask ‘what are our cities saying?’

This new approach is fast overtaking traditional architectural lighting methods. Light can dematerialise the form, merging and softening the materials of the urban landscape. 

Light can also have theatrical applications to create a ‘wow factor’, for example in stadiums or theatres, where light becomes central to the fan experience.

Media architecture is the evolution of lighting design, a way of thinking that is growing in popularity and application around the globe.  


RAMUS is an award-winning design studio led by founder and Light Artist Bruce Ramus. Theirmultidisciplinary team spans immersive, interactive and architectural design. 

Covering a variety of projects types, RAMUS worksinclude: 

• Building Façade and Architectural Lighting Design– using light to enhance the intrinsic architectural form.

• Interior Lighting Design – with a focus on commercial lobbies, foyers, food and beverage establishments, light is used to create intimacy through people centric design that complements our human rhythms. 

• Public Space Regeneration or Urban Art Projects – town squares, landmark attractions or spaces of national significance come to life, tell local stories and represent the civic voice. 

• Stadium, Sports Lighting and Theatre – with design that goes well beyond functionality, here lightbecomes part of the audiences experience. 

• Light Shows – having crafted the lighting shows for global acts such as U2, REM, and others, Bruce understands the power of light to transform a mood and celebrate an experience. 

Key to each project is the visual content created. This content is captured from the community the project represents, showcasing the natural beauty and talent on offer. Visuals can be interactive, ambient and responsive. With each piece deserving it’s own content program unique to the site. RAMUS develop all content– including 8K video footage, audio, digital media, performance, custom music and interactive technology to create sustainable, integrated light events orinstallations.


Founder and Director of RAMUS Light Studio, Canadian born Bruce Ramus has been creating immersive light experiences for decades. Starting as a designer and director of grand-scale, theatrical light experiences in the entertainment realm, Bruce now creates compelling, beautiful site-specific artworks that reflect the essence and natural rhythms of people. His concepts combine long-term artistic vision with deep technical understanding. 


RAMUS’ contribution to Dubai Expo 2020 is activating the sculptural piece (‘The Cloud’) above the Australian Pavilion. A bespoke series of digital content will play, using abstract video, animations and data visualisations to produce a wide range of moving and interactive scenes. 

Look out for Bruce’s educational presentation event during Expo 2020. The RAMUS team look forward to connecting with you during the program.