A pioneer in sustainable bathroom solutions: Caroma to bring smart command technology to Expo 2020 Dubai


Australia has a strong track record in developing innovative solutions to global challenges. 

Some of the more well-known Australian inventions include WIFI, platform for google maps, the medical application of penicillin, the cervical cancer vaccine, bionic ear, electronic pacemaker, spray-on skin, the ultrasound scanner, the black box flight recorder and inflatable aircraft escape slides – to name a few.  

Australia has long been a nation of inventors and innovators. Likely driven by geographic isolation in the early years – innovation by necessity – and more recently strengthened through population diversity which brought with it new skills and ideas, Australia has continued to innovate over the decades. 

Sustainable water use is a challenge to which Australia brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge. As the driest continent on earth after Antarctica, Australia is well versed in managing scarce water resources, whether it be water conservation for natural eco-systems, the management and efficient use in industries and urban areas, or potable water.   

One of Australia’s big brands, Caroma, has been leading the way in developing water-saving technology for urban use.   

Caroma has a long and successful history in developing innovative products that creatively apply and use water. Founded more than 75 years ago, Caroma has been a leading contributor to Australian-born innovation. In 1956, Caroma invented the world’s first plastic toilet cistern. 24 years later, in 1980, Caroma invented the world’s first dual flush toilet. This innovation alone, which has become the norm for sanitaryware around the world, has helped to reduce household water usage in Australia by an average of 32,000L a year.    

At Expo 2020 Dubai, the Australian Pavilion will include the latest evolution of Caroma’s product, Caroma Smart Command. 


Caroma Smart Command (CSC) is an innovative ecosystem of intelligent products, including toilets, tapware and urinals. Linking all products together via wireless technology, CSC constantly tracks data on water usage and has the ability to reduce a building’s water consumption by a quarter. If you consider that one sixth of the world’s fresh water is consumed by commercial buildings and properties, the potential savings are enormous.  

“Over the years, the drive behind our pioneering spirit has been the protection and conservation, but also the best experience, of water,” Tim Salt, CEO of GWA Group said. “Driving and enabling insights about water use and people’s behaviours, based on the data our technology collects, can fundamentally influence cleaning and maintenance efficiencies, bathroom design and operation for both a better user experience and significantly reduced water consumption,” Mr Salt said. 


From October 2020 to April 2021, Australia will join more than 190 countries at Expo 2020 Dubai for a global showcase of commerce, culture and industry.  

Sustainability is one of the key themes at Expo 2020 Dubai. Throughout the Australian Pavilion interior and exterior, there is a strong focus on sustainable building materials and water usage; CSC plumbing will be fitted throughout the Australian Pavilion site.   

“We are looking forward to sharing Caroma Smart Command with the anticipated two million plus visitors to the Australian Pavilion. At Expo 2020 Dubai, we will engage the global business community to highlight the sustainability and health benefits of our solution, underscoring the technological leap forward it is for the industry and for water management,” Mr Salt said. 

“Expo 2020 Dubai is a fantastic platform to kick-start a global conversation on how we can all work together in evolving the plumbing industry for a better, more sustainable future.”  

Caroma is a Corporate Partner of the Australian Pavilion at Expo 2020. With hundreds of trade missions from around the world anticipated to participate, Expo 2020 Dubai will connect Australian businesses to potential global trade and investment opportunities. 


Caroma is a designer and distributor of bathroom products that has been in operation for more than 75 years. The company combines innovative, modern design with sustainable solutions to create comfortable bathrooms which contribute to water conservation and sustainable water management.  

Find out more about Caroma Smart Command here.