Green Eco Technologies


Green Eco Technologies (GET) is an Australian owned company that develops, supplies, and manages the WasteMaster. This environmentally friendly system uses their unique, patented technology that is safe and efficient, to break down food and organic waste into a dry pathogen-free, high calorific nutrient & protein rich residue for use in the generation of green energy or as a soil enhancer.  

The WasteMaster system has been exported globally to a range of sectors including hotel s and hospitality,  hospitals,  catering, airlines, staff facilities, shopping malls,  mining,  universities,  and schools to help reduce food waste going to landfill.   

WasteMaster takes care of food waste from beginning to end – the operator simply pushes the full bin of food waste into the system and presses the “load” button, leaving the WasteMaster to do its work and even unload the residue automatically when the processing is complete.   

WasteMaster has provided an onsite food waste solution to the Australian Pavilion, turning food scraps and compostable plates and cutlery into a residue that is used as a soil enhancer in an organic farm to “close the loop”.  

“Over the duration of Expo 2020 Dubai, more than 4,295 kgs of organic waste has been saved from landfill by the WasteMaster,” says Australia Pavilion Executive Chef, Steve Sweetman.   



Expo 2020 Dubai is a tremendous showcase for GET’s patented technology.  As an Australian company with an innovative solution, Expo 2020 Dubai presented an unmissable opportunity to target a global audience. 

With the Australian Pavilion having strong sustainability platform, the WasterMaster was the perfect addition to reduce food waste.   

CEO Rick Woods stated, ”the Australian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is a wonderful representation of the Australian people and culture, and beautifully showcases all that is unique and special about our country.  We are just so proud to be part of the Australian Pavilion and to showcase Australian environmental sustainability innovation.”     

“Furthermore, we have been  assisting  in reducing the CO2-eq footprint of the Australian Pavilion and the wonderful event that is Expo 2020 Dubai.”     

William Ward, Regional Director Middle East and Africa went on to say, ‘Working with the team at Australian Pavilion has been a great opportunity to showcase our unique technology,  and it has been a pleasure working with Chef Steve on optimising food waste saved from landfill. This is a fantastic platform to demonstrate the WasteMaster, as part of the greatest show on earth!’