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Culligan, founded in 1936, is a global leader in water treatment, services and solutions for homes, offices and industries. Culligan designs, engineers and manufactures water treatment equipment and formulate water treatment processes, to create clean, safe and healthy water for every need.

Whether it is soft water for your shower, pure drinking water from your kitchen or office tap, carafes of purified water in your favourite restaurant, ultra-pure water for medical use, or water used as part of a product in the food and beverage industry – Culligan has a solution. 

Zip Water brand provides cutting edge technology which generates boiling, chilled, and sparking filtered water from beautiful tapware at home or in the office.

Culligan’s products include filtered drinking water systems, reverse osmosis, water softeners, water filters & complete end to end water treatment solutions for hospitality, healthcare, commercial, industrial, schools and swimming pools.

Culligan’s mission is to bring clean, safe, soft, and great-tasting water to improve consumers’ health and wellness, while also reducing single-use plastics.


CULLIGAN AT Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai, provides a platform to promote Culligan and ZIP Water as a sustainable water solutions provider to a global audience.  

Culligan has provided two Zip hydrotaps which delivers filtered hot and cold water, along with reusable glass carafes, to the Australian Pavilion.

“Through partnering with the Australian Pavilion, we are able to promote our sustainable drinking water solutions to a wider audience. This helps us in building our brand image and visibility,” said Marco Seghi, Director.

“Sustainability and the betterment of our planet are at the heart of our business.  Our solutions reduce energy needs, shrink the carbon footprint, and eliminate unnecessary waste in landfills and the ocean,” Simon Boyd, Managing Director said.

Marco Seghi, said, “Water quality continues to be a real and growing problem globally, and the need for clean and safe water is increasing. We focus on providing clean and safe water with an emphasis on sustainability.

“The association with the Australian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, has given us a platform to serve all the guests with pure boiled, chilled and sparkling water without using single use plastics. We are confident that Expo 2020 Dubai will give us the right exposure to showcase our innovative water treatment solutions to the world.