Australia: The future of food production and innovation

Australia has a well-established reputation as a world leader when it comes to growing, developing and producing top-quality, safe and innovative food and beverages.

For decades, Australia has enjoyed a reputation for clean, green and safe produce, underpinned by sustainable agricultural practices. Increasingly Australia is also paving the way as a hub for food innovation.

Australia’s vast array of agricultural and aqua-cultural produce – including dairy, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seafood and edible oils – is indicative of the country’s size, as well as its climatic and geographical diversity. Strict control systems and stringent food safety regulations safeguard the country’s reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality, safe and organic food to the rest of the world.

Australia – leading the way in organics and food innovation

Australia is home to 60 per cent of the world’s organic farmland, covering 35 million hectares.[1] The organic food produced in Australia is entirely free of chemical and artificial fertilisers.[1]

With a view to sustainability, Australia has made significant advances in food technology and innovation. As one of the world’s largest agricultural research organisations, Australia’s national science research agency, CSIRO, is working directly with farmers and related industries through its world-class food laboratories.

At CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre, producers and manufacturers can access expertise in the areas of food innovation, technology and safety, chemical analysis, food storage and processing, and utilise innovative and world-class technologies, expertise and facilities to help develop new products and processes.

This assistance, coupled with the fact Australia has more safe, organic farmland than anywhere else in the world,[1] means Australia’s farmers and food producers are ideally positioned to meet the increased global demand for organic, safe and innovative food products.

Innovation in food technology

The increased global demand for products that assist with health and wellness means Australia’s manufacturers are focusing on research and development in the area of ‘better-for-you’ food and beverages.

These include: all-natural products free from ingredients considered to have an adverse effect on consumer health; products with added micronutrients; quality infant formula and baby food; sports nutrition; and weight loss products and food for the elderly.[1]

Technologies, strategies and insights provided by CSIRO help to innovate Australia’s food and beverage products in a number of ways. These include: adopting emerging processing technologies; food microbiology services to improve food safety; extracting valuable components through advanced separation technologies; process engineering in the areas of supply chain sustainability; waste utilisation; process efficiency; and incorporating bio-actives in food products.[2]

A multibillion-dollar industry, food and beverages are at the heart of Australian culture, reflecting the diversity of its multicultural population. Click here to learn more about food and beverages in Australia.

Australia will join more than 190 countries participating in Expo 2020 Dubai. Australian innovation in agriculture and food will be part of the Australian Pavilion’s events program, aimed at fostering commercial opportunities and building partnerships with other countries.