Angela Domenici - Meet Our Mascots, Wattle & Jali


Angela Domenici is an Italian-Australian Creative Consultant and Art Director with over three decades of experience working with global entertainment, wellness, and lifestyle brands. Having spent most of her life on the move including Italy, New Zealand, and Indonesia, she now calls Australia home where she has resided for the past 20 years.

For the last two decades, Angela has been managing teams across continents and time zones, servicing clients globally. As world-class creative, thinkers and storytellers with proven expertise, the team consists of inspired and hi-level, bespoke artists and consumer products specialists, highly attuned to emerging trends.


Angela Domenici is the brain behind the Australian Pavilion's iconic mascots, Wattle and Jali. Wattle the Koala and Jali the butterfly, capture the essence of the Australian Pavilion’s theme, Blue Sky Dreaming and represent the fundamental Australian attributes of 'spirited', 'generous', 'diverse', 'collaborative', 'ambitious' and 'innovative'.

Engaging a large number of visitors, including a young audience, the brief sought to create a fun, larger-than-life and instantly recognizable character, whose energy and spirit captures the hearts of all.

When asked about her involvement at the Australian Pavilion, Angela stated, “Having a mascot gives your brand a friendly face, a character and a personality. A mascot should spark an emotional connection, it should represent a sense of belonging. When someone makes you feel welcome and gives you a sense of belonging, it creates a powerful incentive for you to stay and experience more. It starts to open the door to a long-lasting relationship with your brand, in this case, with Australia”.

“The Australian Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai project is a highlight of my career and I feel honoured to have been chosen. I have loved every step of the creative process and working with Justin McGowan, Commissioner-General and his team has been a truly rewarding experience.”


Our mascots, the adorable Wattle the Koala and Jali the butterfly, embody the spirit of Australia.  Wattle is an imaginative, creative and collaborative schoolgirl with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  Wattle sees the future and can’t wait to get there. She is a dreamer, an optimist and a visionary.

Her faithful and wise friend, Jali, is free-spirited and curious and follows Wattle wherever she goes. Jali means tree in the Bundjalung Indigenous language, and like a tree, Jali is an old spirit that connects people of the past and present.


Angela Domenici intent is to collaborate with companies committed to positively impacting our planet. Her mission is to work with like-minded businesses and create marketplace value for their clients. Angela is passionate about design and purposeful products relevant to our ever-changing world.

Ms Domenici is looking to further expand her ties in the Middle East region and team up with global enterprises dedicated to engaging with their customers and bringing on change while expanding their audience and brand popularity.

Angela loves meaningful stories - share yours with her at for a complimentary introduction call.