Expo Spotlight with Inam Haider

The Australian Pavilion team value the terrific partners we work with, such as HSG, to make Expo 2020 Dubai a success. We recently caught up with Inam Haider to find out more about his, and HSG’s involvement. 

Q. What is HSG, where are you located, how many staff do you employ?
A. Hospitality Solution Group is Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Our Middle East  office is in Dubai and we work with partners around the world. We are a diverse team of 30 with members from Philippines, Pakistan, India, United States, United Kingdom and of course Australia. 

Q.How long have you worked for HSG, what’s your role, what does your typical day look like?
A. I founded HSG in 2012 and I am now the CEO. A typical day for us is full of action as we coordinate with our teams from around the globe. We are strategically located in a variety of time zones. Typically, I start my day looking after our concerns in APAC. After that I coordinate with our US operations. By afternoon in Melbourne, the Middle East  begins to wake and I meet with the Dubai team to cover sales and operations. I also have to make time for my four kids and beautiful wife - I could do with 48 hour days!

Q. Tell us about HSG’s involvement with Expo Dubai 2020?
A. HSG is delighted to have been selected as one of the official partners for the Australian Pavilion at EXPO 2020. We are supplying cutting edge venue technology as well as hospitality products to help make the experience safe, memorable and comfortable. We are also privileged to have supplied a number of technology products to hotels, both on and offsite, who are preparing for the event. I will also make sure all our employees and families have time to visit the site and see the areas they have worked on - Expo is for everyone to enjoy.

Q. What are you hoping to achieve through your involvement?
A. EXPO 2020 looks to waken the pause in international exhibition and trade travel. The whole event is a beacon of light for our industry in very tough times. The EXPO 2020 represents the first big catalyst for world trade and commerce to bounce back. We seek to reach out to new and existing customers, letting them know we remain one of the most rapidly expanding Hospitality supply companies across the globe. The service visitors will receive inside the Australian Pavilion closely reflects our own company values - friendly, professional and dependable service. I really look forward to meeting fellow Australian and International businesses throughout the event and forging long lastings partnerships.

Q.Your company specialises in innovative products, tell us about some of your most exciting and recent innovations.
A. Where do I start! HSG prides ourselves on innovation and customisation. From our Media Connectivity Panels through to our Artificial Intelligence People Counting Solution we ensure we provide technology that solves genuine problems for hospitality. In terms of safety I am most excited about our new range of pouches and anti-virus films which kill pathogens on contact and can be applied to devices and surfaces.

Q. HSG works with some of the best hotels, bars and venues in the world. Any particular favourites? And have you had the opportunity to stay in any of them? 
A. HSG handles large turnkey projects through to small specialist orders. We also provide solutions aimed specifically at Expo properties and Pavilions. While it is hard to pick one place out of all the wonderful places I have been lucky enough to visit. My favorite hotel would have to be The Address by Emaar -  they also happen to be our clients!